"Fashion is cyclical". "How European is Barcelona". "Swimming is the most complete sport." If you were given a coin for each time you heard one of these phrases, probably right now you would have many coins, however all these statements, despite being "cuñadismos" of an extreme obvious, do not stop hiding a little truth. So, we are at halloween time so we can bury so many "cuñadismos" and fashions that never,never,never should be exist. Because fashion is, in effect, cyclical, and we are never safe from dawn on any Wednesday like that picture of Uncle Manolo in which he wears bell-bottoms and pilot glasses, a flower in his ear and more accessories than Tupac, and with the one you would never have imagined would end up being a state lawyer. That's why we have to be prepared and organized, because if we agree among all of us, we can prevent the evil from returning to our lives.

What fashions should we bury forever?

  1. Pants bell: with this we return to the photo of your uncle Manolo, and no, you do not want to be like your uncle Manolo. Bell trousers were fine when free love was proclaimed, people went from drugs to eyebrows and everyone did not care if you were a woman, a man or a telephone pole. But now on the street there are sober people who are not under the influence of any substance and, bad news, they can see you. Honestly, there is no need to transform our legs into elephant legs just to have more flow dancing disco music.

  2. Teach underpants: maybe it never made sense, maybe it did, but I am transforming into my father and now I find it unpleasant; Anyway, the truth is that it would be good to leave behind that fashion that we copied to reggaeton gangsters because we were too cowardly to copy them about guns and tattoos. And insinuate is sexy, but show is more cañí. What's more Spanish, show the piggy bank when you bend over to tie the laces or show some Captain America underpants? Let's reclaim ours. Fight for the piggy bank.

  3. Roman sandals: fashion was fine when the Roman Empire, but you are not Roman. Nothing more to add.

  4. That horrible haircut crushed but with the bangs raised: it was worn by everyone five years ago, from those who spent the weekend in the polygon disco to those who did it at the Sotogrande golf club. Suddenly, it seemed that Tintin had multiplied like loaves and fishes and that, in most cases, he had given himself to bad life and amphetamines. We are lucky that today seems an extinct fashion, like dinosaurs or social welfare. Goodness.

  5. Pirate pants: at some point that no one is very clear, someone decided that the world population had too long legs and that what petaba much was to look like Tyrion Lannister but measured 1.92cm. For that, and how to cut your legs was uncomfortable, they decided to implement the pirate pants fashion so that our legs now came with 90% less extension. It must be said that Tyrion is cool; It's cool, in fact, but cool because it does not carry pirates. Never more.

  6. Rosaries: of those that are hung. The fact is that Cristiano Ronaldo gave him to hang rosaries and the fashion spread like the foam combined very elegantly with shirts open to the navel showing a shaved breast. And of course, not only is that in Kitty O'Sheas we are against the shaved breasts, but that a large majority of users of this trend, have only gone to church in their lives for wine.