5th golden boot for Messi This year, Messi was left out for the first time 12 years of the Golden Ball podium. He countered with the Golden Boot. Present on stage, essentially in the field, his football is foreign to the Barça situation. The 10 always shines. Send Guardiola, Vilanova, Luis Enrique or Valverde to Camp Nou. Messi put on the first Golden Boot in the 2009-2010 season. Guardiola already reinvented it as fake nine and Rosario answered with 34 goals. A more gunner than hitch, earthly in any case. In the last season of the technician of Santpedor, the 2011-2012, Messi was dispatched with the never seen: 50 targets. Of course, he picked up his second Golden Boot. Guardiola left and nothing changed. Messi was established as the best scorer in Europe, after signing 47 goals with Tito Vilanova.

It was not thanks to the Pep Team or Tito's record team (LaLiga took 100 points), nor to the Barcelona of the Tridente. In the 2016-2017 academic year, with Luis Enrique on the bench and Luis Suárez and Neymar in the lead, Rosario scored 37 points. Fourth Golden Boot. Messi did not stop shouting goals, whoever was in charge at Barça, played with who played on the field. Xavi is no longer there, this campaign was his partner Iniesta, he does not even compete with Cristiano Ronaldo in Spain. The 7 took his goals to the Serie A and Messi, at 31, continues to his own. True to his idyll with the goal, fundamentally with football. This campaign has 20 goals and 12 assists in 19 games. "I love football, but I never imagined so much," confesses the 10th at the gala, accompanied by Sergi Roberto and Sergio Busquets, captains of Barcelona.

If last year, the Golden Boot was given by his friend Luis Suárez, this Tuesday Messi had some special hosts. Gerard Arenas, Marc Mimó, Pablo Yancén and Arnau Vizcaíno, unknown in the world of football, not for Messi. Four children, patients of the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, sponsored by the Rosario. Messi is the face of the SJD Pediatric Center project in Barcelona, the children's oncology center that will be the largest in Europe with capacity to serve more than 400 children. "The true phenomena", published the 10th on Instagram, to which he added a picture with his four hosts. The Sant Joan de Déu project has raised 30 million euros, three donated by the Leo Messi Foundation.

A different goal of 10, the day he lifted his fifth award as Europe's top scorer. Neither by Guardiola nor by Vilanova nor by Luis Enrique nor by Valverde, neither thanks to the Trident nor to the rivalry with Cristiano. The goal is always Messi, send who sends, play who plays.