How to forget the hangover

  1. Avoid the jug and alcoholic beverages without an adequate distillation process.
  2. Do not mix, except in the case of wine (you can take white and red in the same meal).
  3. Do not mix with other alcohols containing residual sugar or with soft drinks, which usually have high doses of sugar.
  4. Alternating with water in equal parts.
  5. Drink water, at least a liter, before going to sleep.
  6. Drink isotonic drinks.
  7. Instead of sleeping 8 or 10 hours straight, interrupt sleep at 6 o'clock, to drink water, and then continue the dream.
  8. Drink alcohol slowly, with small sips.
  9. Take some of the plants that help the metabolism of alcohol in the liver; for example, the root of the dandelion.
  10. Distilled beverages are metabolized worse. Clear drinks, such as vodka and white wine, usually cause less hangover.