Caution! It's a Challenge

A woman who tried a spicy food challenge and ended up in hospital for four days bleeding from the bum has vowed to do it AGAIN.

Shannen Goulding was rushed to hospital 'pooing blood' a day after chomping down the infamous Samyang Hot Chicken Flavour Cup Ramen as part of a viral ‘spicy ramen challenge’. Doctors put her on a IV drip, before a colonoscopy revealed she had the early stages of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), likely to be Crohn’s disease. Shannen was with pal Keelan Unsworth, both 20, when they videoed themselves doing the challenge. And despite her diagnosis and doctors' warnings, the young vlogger has vowed to do it again - this time with even hotter noodles. Shannen, from Wigan, Greater Manchester, said: “I would say this challenge was ‘deadly’, but it was definitely a successful challenge. In the video filmed last month, Shannen and Keelan struggle to breathe as they chomp on the £1.25 cup of noodles as quickly as they can during their challenge. While Keelan complained of shoulder pain and watched his glasses steam up, Shannen said: “F***ing hell. I’ve only got a bit left but I can’t breathe.” Keelan manages to swallow the whole pot in just 1 minute 35 seconds, but Shannen gives up and chugs water, 7UP and then milk to counteract the noodles’ spiciness. She claimed she thought other vloggers had been exaggerating the heat before completing the challenge, but rethought after the first mouthful when it ‘felt like her throat was swelling up’. Shannen said: “When I was actually eating it, it felt like your throat was swelling up and I couldn’t breathe. I was properly sweating as well.