In the city of Barcelona there are many mysteries and curiosities to discover that not even those born here know. Then from Kitty O'Sheas, we tell you some:

  • Controversial foundation There are two legends that explain the foundation of the city of Barcelona. The first says that it was the work of Hercules 400 years before Rome was created. But according to the other version, Barcelona was founded in the 3rd century BC by Hannibal's father, Ámilcar Barca. This would explain the Roman name of Barcino in honor of his surname.
  • Five times more tourists than inhabitants Barcelona has 1.6 million inhabitants and last 2015 the city beat its record of 8.3 million tourists staying in hotels. The results of a study carried out by the rental agency for days and months called Ok apartments Barcelona shows that foreigners living in the city consider that their worst defect is mass tourism.
  • The heart of punk The Regomir square was a place of pilgrimage for the punks of Barcelona. In 1992, the Sex Pistols drummer settled there and, with a friend, opened a clothing store called Planet Earth. Currently, there is a hairdresser and a bar that still remember the battles of the time.
  • Gaudí was not the original architect of the Sagrada Familia Although undoubtedly one of his best works, Gaudí was not the first architect who worked in the Sagrada Familia. Francisco de Paula del Villar was the first person in charge of designing this temple in 1882, but a year later the modernist genius went into action, changed the design radically, contributing his style and Villar retired.
  • The statue of Columbus does not really point to America To point to the American continent, your finger should go to the Rambla. But when the statue was built it was believed that people would not understand it and it would be easier to associate America with the sea.
  • The Cathedral of the Sea is from Barça Its show windows show it by showing the club's shield. During the restoration of the cathedral in the 60s, the Futbol Club Barcelona contributed 100,000 pesetas and, as thanks, its shield became part of the building forms. In other crystals also the shields of more donors appear.